I was diagnosed with bi-lateral breast cancer.  A double mastectomy was prescribed because of the nature of this cancer.

I opted for a lumpectomy with lymph nodes removed for sampling.  There was also cancer found in the tissue surrounding the nodes.

 Radiation and chemotherapy were recommended; I chose not to do either.  I began treatment with Chippewa Tea, 5 oz, 3 times a day, and the hormone therapy Tamoxifan.

I noticed a general improvement in the way I felt overall. An AMAS blood test showed that I still have some tumor activity.  After a month, the test was repeated and came back completely normal.  I also had a mammogram which showed no sign of the tumors.

I will continue a maintenance dose of 3 oz of Chippewa Tea a day.  I have stopped taking the Tamoxifan because of the negative long-term side effects.  I am confident that The Chippewa Tea is what cured me.  I hope and pray it will be available for all those who need it.

Brenda, Massachusetts

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