...my Mother from Sweden was feeling a lot better when I left, which was a relief for me. She promised to continue with Chippewa Tea, even though she was taking a much smaller dose than recommended. But she was very skeptical about it, she didn't really believe in it and she definitely didn't like the taste of it. She was just expecting the worse, that the tumours would grow and that the cancer would finally kill her.

On the 22nd of July it was time for her to go to the hospital to make a new big examination under anesthetic. As the doctor couldn't find anything on the x-ray (like last time) they sent her home again the day after.  On the 22nd in the evening I received an e-mail from my sister saying that the doctors couldn't find any tumours on my mother!!!  Even the blood tests were good.

  This is so GREAT!!! I immediately called my Mom at the hospital to congratulate her and she was very happy, could hardly believe it's true.

  I'd like to thank you very much for your help and advice during these months since I first wrote to you about my Mother. I'm so happy that I could get Chippewa Tea for my Mom, which I believe has helped her a great deal to get rid of the cancer.

Ms M.L. - USA

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