We have now two of our 13 year-old greyhounds on the Chippewa Tea.  'Bullet' has out-lived all expectations we ever dreamt of, and his vet is now starting to have faith in Chippewa Tea.

We have now brought 'Goldie', Bullet's litter-mate, to the vet.  She was showing lack of interest in anything... we thought she would be put to sleep.

When we took her to the vet, he didn't take x-rays, because she was too weak.  When he did a physical exam on her, he found she had a tumor so large that it had cut off the pulmonary arteries that sent blood to her hind legs.  There was no pulse in either of her hind legs.  Veins had actually re-routed themselves to get blood to her legs.

I started her on Chippewa Tea (2 weeks on the 13th).  We have to give it to her with a baster, 2 times a day, one hour before she eats - and she can even eat!

Now she eats more than ever before!  She's much more alert and she wants attention!  That has been a huge turnaround.  She has normal bowel movements, and when she sleeps at night, she sleeps sound again!

You gave our 'Meagan-Lee' an extended 2 years, and we lost her to an altogether different cause.  Bullet is two years and going, and now Goldie.

Terri - MA

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