Thank you, Thank you, Thank you very much!!!

Let me tell you our story. Just before Halloween our beloved family dog, Luke who we have loved for 12 years was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It came from his anal sack, spread to his liver, spleen, etc.

We took him to a veterinary oncologist. She said at this point not even chemotherapy can help him. She told us what signs to look for when the end was near. He was given "a few months".

I heard about Chippewa Tea from my boss whose sister was cured of colon cancer after using this tea. So I searched the net looking for a site that sold it for pets and I found your site.

I have been administering the tea to him for a month and a half now and he has shown miraculous improvement.

When we started him on the tea he was already showing the signs of the end, no appetite, straining and yelping when defecating, he could not go up or down stairs, seemed confused like he forgot how to poop and pee. His stomach was distended and so hard. His tail was tucked under his bottom (For a poodle that's BAD, we thought it was broken in the down position).

One day he was so sick I called my husband to come home from work because we didn't think he would survive the day.  After two weeks on the tea he showed little improvements; only some increased energy.

After 6 weeks on the tea he is almost back to normal behavior and energy.  His appetite is back, he runs up and down the stairs, he takes long walks in the park. No more straining and yelping when he poops. Some loose stools though.

He stopped barking for a month but now he's barking again. His stomach is softer and his tail is UP most of the time!

I am going to continue to give him your tea for the rest of his life. It has definitely given him a good quality of life for the time he has left, and I'm still confident he will be cured. Thank you doesn't seem enough for what your tea has given us. He is our Christmas miracle! May God bless you and your work. You will get your reward in heaven!
Colleen - NJ

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