Indian Chippewa tea is the one of the most popular alternative treatments used by cancer patients, of all alternative remedies for cancer. If you are searching for a natural organic herbal remedy to enhance your cancer care regimen, Indian Chippewa Tea would be a good first try.
Indian Chippewa Tea has been used for many years as a remedy to alleviate the side effects of cancer treatments and to treat cancer itself.

This tea is made of eight different herbs in a specific combination, although the original formula only called for four herbs. The tea is believed to have originated from the Chippewa Indians.

Rene Caisse (a canadian nurse) spent much of her life treating cancer patients along with her friend, Mary McPherson. She discovered and developed this herb tea, in her own clinic, and used it until she died in 1978 at the age of 91. Many of the patients she treated for cancer reported they were miraculously cured by drinking the tea, while others claimed that Indian Chippewa Tea relieved the pain and agony of cancer and made their lives living with cancer much more bearable.

When Rene Caisse presented her Indian Chippewa Tea and her proofs of its effectiveness to the Canadian medical society of that time, several doctors were so impressed by the results that they petitioned the Government in 1938 to pass a bill to "authorize Ms Caisse to practice medicine in the Province of Ontario in the treatment of Cancer and conditions resulting there from".

The Bill failed to pass by a slim margin. Soon after, a Legislative Assembly passed "An Act For The Investigation Of Remedies For Cancer", by which Rene would be forced to reveal her formula for the herbal tea. Instead, Rene closed her clinic, later re-opening it at the request of the Canadian Minister of Health. From then on, she was only allowed to treat cancer patients certified as terminal by their doctors.

Rene Caisse kept the formula a secret all those years, worried that it would be exploited. Finally, right before she died, she signed the formula over to a Canadian company, with hopes that it would clinically studied and confirmed (which they failed to do) and made available to all people. Ms. Caisse also worked with Dr. Charles Brusch of Massachusetts, who was the personal physician of John F. Kennedy.

Our essiac tea formula comes directly from a recipe given by Rene Caisse to Dr. Brusch in the 1960's. We have the all documentation to prove it.

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